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About our marble vases, planters, flower pots and urns: Trevi Art Sculpture has over 30 years experience in creating beautiful marble vase and flower pots. we use the most advanced technology to precision carve your marble flower pots and vase to your exact specifications. We can custom made marble planters from any type of stone including marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone and granite Our collection of marble vases, urns and planters is hand carved by the best marble materials and classical designers, are timeless decorative sculptures for home interiors and outdoor gardens or yard place. We offer the largest selection of marble planter and pots at very competitive prices. You can choose from our extensive designs, or we will custom create the perfect marble planters and pots from your design or photo. Borghese, Towley and Medici marble vase reproductions, together with our marble planters, urns and pedestals all gathered for your garden landscaping projects. Their timeless shapes combined with the correct landscaping, colorful flowers and plants will result in the garden you love. Trevi Art Sculpture also has the capability to provide marble vase, architects columns and fireplaces in very large quantities to builders and developers. We will travel to your location at no extra cost to discuss your needs and provide you will the best possible service. Browse our marble Sculpture collections of marble vases, planters, flower pots and urns for further inspiration.

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