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Marble Columns,pillars & Pedestals - Corinthian, Doric, Tuscan Ancient civilizations mostly used durable architectural columns for the purpose of holding up the roof of the building. The exterior walls were decorated with decorative columns pillars, reliefs or paintings, but the ancient Greeks, followed by the Romans, used them mainly on the outside as well. The extensive use of marble columns and pillars on the interior and exterior of buildings is one of the most characteristic features of classical architecture. Trevi Art Sculpture designs and imports ornate hand carved quality solid marble house columns pillars and pedestals for residential and commercial applications. Styles of marble columns include fluted Roman Corinthian, Doric or Tuscan, Ionic and ornate hand carved twisted columns with foliate carvings. We do not deal in concrete cast stone or cultured marble composites but have found instead a way to compete, price wise, with the more desirable solid marble columns pillars products. If your preference style is Mediterranean, Tuscan, or Italian Neo-Classical then we have the design and discount pricing that will appeal to your budget. We are a trusted supplier of Marble Columns,pillars & Pedestals to many of the world’s finest architects, designers and builders with management and staff dedicated to providing all of our customers first-class services, practical advice, and expert knowledge of our elegant range of stone products.Further, we pride ourselves on being thoroughly involved with the project through every phase to ensure our clients receive the best possible stone buying experience. Please call us today for a free quote whether it’s your photo design, ours of marble items.

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