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Roman Marble Columns House Decoration for Sale MOKK-572

Roman Marble Columns House Decoration for Sale MOKK-572

These beautiful Roman marble columns are customized for our Australian customers. His villa has become more luxurious and elegant with the decoration of our pillars. You could contact us if you want these pillars.
Item No: MOKK-572
Size: Customized Size
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Service: Customize Acceptably
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished
Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

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Roman Marble Columns Details:

You could clearly see that Trevi factory Roman marble columns consist of three parts. First of all, the column body is made of high-quality granite stone, with a beautiful natural ornament on it. Secondly, the column head and base use the white marble column, and the top has an exquisite three-dimensional decoration. When they appear in your hall, they would amaze everyone.

marble Roman pillars

Professional Artist Production:

Our artist has learned the carving of Roman marble columns since childhood. They master all the techniques, especially the decoration of the column head is very realistic and exquisite. And the marble of the column body adopts the technique of high polishing, they could ensure the polished surface is very smooth. The three parts of the pillar fit together very closely, very graceful and elegant.

marble column

High-Quality Natural Raw Materials:

Trevi factory has a variety of natural marble stones for the marble column. Especially we have our own marble stone mine to meet the raw material needs of our factory. For example, the Trevi factory has exquisite granites, and they come in various colors. Moreover, we also have various marble materials, such as Hunan white, Sichuan white, and Guangxi white. Of course, we still have imported Carrara raw materials.

white marble columns

More Marble Columns Options:

As a marble supplier with 39 years of experience, our factory has professional designers who could design stylish and practical Roman marble columns. We have Roman columns, columns with figures, small columns, and railings. Of course, the Trevi factory accepts customization, we could achieve any of your requirements.

marble column for sale

Safe and Exquisite Packaging:

With such exquisite and huge columns, the Trevi factory has a strict packaging scheme. First, we would wrap the Roman marble columns tightly with soft foam. Secondly, the entire column is fixed by a 3mm thick wooden crate. We ensure that the pillars reach their destination safely.

marble columns house

If you want these pillars to decorate your home, you could contact us at any time.

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